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Average Agent

- a SA\VE concept for your business !!!

As a client of SA\VE , you automatically have the advantage of our complex system of various services to secure you against many risks.

Even if you did not cover your Marine Cargo Insurance via us - (e.g. due to opponent instructions of your business partner) - we established SA\VE Havariekommissariat – your Average Agent in order to offer to you the perfect individual services ––.

We offer you e.g.:

1. To carry our surveys and issue respective survey reports

A competent handling and fast actions are extremely important in case of loss or damage. A world wide network of renowned surveyors enables SA\VE to offer you quick assistance and professional post processing and assistance for the solution of any problems that may occur in case of loss or damage.

Our surveyors have to fulfil the high standardized instructions of SA\VE . We ensure that the surveyor has the special expertise regarding the background of the claim; e.g. a fruit surveyor naturally understands less of machinery than an engineer and vice versa.

2. Recovery Actions

While your claim is inspected and handled, SA\VE already started to protect your interests and to secure your rights. Consequently we try our best to gain the optimum results while carrying out recovery actions. Even if your insurance has already compensated your loss the originator of the claim not necessarily will pay for the damage he caused. Especially in the past years, it has been of highest importance to realise recovery results. But by doing so, the expenses of Underwriters for claims can be set into relation.

3. Loss-Prevention-System

The outstanding experience and the know-how of SA\VE enable us to offer you this special service. Most of the recurrent claims can be avoided in the future if an external expert attends to the case. Cost intensive and long-term consulting contracts are not required for the customers of SA\VE , as we offer this service to you at favourable costs as a part of our cooperation. The latest techniques and methods of analysis will be used by us and our specially instructed surveyors to improve your system.

SA\VE – a save concept for your business !
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